General Contractor

General Contractor

The general contract is one of the main activities of the company "NOVA CONSTRUCTION". Our company is capable of implementing a variety of projects ranging from conceptual design to the commissioning of the construction project.

 Working as a general contractor, NOVA CONSTRUCTION fully manages the entire construction process, as well as bears full responsibility, controls the quality and timing of the implementation of the facilities in accordance with the approved design documentation.

 Construction company "NOVA CONSTRUCTION" as a general contractor is ready to provide you the following services:

 Service number 1 - complete management and thorough organization of all types of work on the construction of an object in accordance with the approved design documentation.

 Service number 2 - implementation of the whole complex of works both on its own, and with the involvement of subcontractors.

 Service number 3 - assembly, optimization and control of the implementation of the construction schedule.

Service # 4 - development of a detailed plan for financing construction.

Service # 5 - control and management of the construction budget.

Service # 6 - coordination of the work of subcontract building organizations, technical supervision.

Service # 7 - monitoring compliance with the technology of construction production at the facility.

Service # 8 - conducting tenders, organizing the provision of construction materials, equipment and equipment.

 Service # 9 - compliance with safety at the facility.

 Service # 10 - environmental protection.

 Service # 11 - transfer of the object to the operating organization for further exploitation.

 Service # 12 - commissioning of the construction works of the working commission.

 According to the terms of the contract, which were concluded as a general contract, our company bears full responsibility for the final result (complete delivery of the object), execution of high-quality construction works, and also controls the observance of the construction norms, technology and work safety and safety standards established by Ukrainian legislation. Building construction. Also, our company enforces the budget execution of construction, and then renders the object to the operational service.

 Among the projects that have already been implemented by our company, a significant share is made up of production and commercial facilities - factories, factories, logistics complexes, office buildings, etc. In addition, "NOVA CONSTRUCTION" has experience in realization of commercial real estate objects: hypermarkets, shopping centers, agrarian complexes. Although as you understand, the above list does not limit the possibilities of our construction company. "NOVA CONSTRUCTION" is also able to implement construction projects for business centers, hotels, educational, administrative and medical institutions, stadiums, residential complexes and cultural facilities.