Construction and installation work


Construction and installation work

NOVA CONSTRUCTION LLC specializes in the construction, demolition and processing of industrial and civil engineering objects.

Under the general construction work today we mean construction and installation work is a complex of activities, which begins with the design stage and ends with bringing to the object engineering systems and their commissioning. The category of services of this type is called "turnkey", since the presence of the customer on the realized object and its participation in the project is not needed - all responsibility for itself is taken by a contracting company that deals with all stages of construction: the choice of materials and their purchase, control the quality of the processes performed and the correctness of the work, the miscalculation of the estimate and the full control of the terms of delivery of the object.

It is precisely when ordering general construction works you save most of the money, since there is no need to hire a few contractors, there is no need to wait for the completion of the stage of work by one company to transfer the project to the next contractor. Carrying out all the work is done at a concerted pace.

It is impossible to apply template (tariff) calculations of the robot stages to precisely determine the overall duration of the project - much depends on the features of the current project, the landscape, materials used. In this regard, the planned stages of construction will have strong differences. That is why all the works that can be carried out on construction should be called general construction - geodetic measurements, construction of capital structures, supply of communications, and others.

In the company «NOVA CONSTRUCTION» you can order the construction of multi-storey apartment buildings, an office center, an industrial or municipal facility. To do this, just call the telephone number specified in the contact information section where competent experts will answer all your questions and accept an application for general construction work.